the big bang experience

0% to 50% moon brightness

The History of the Universe in 120 minutes

Lets find out how we got here and feel the adventure of life.

Cosmology introduction

Lets talk about the Big Bang and the evolution of the Universe so you can be now reading this.

naked eye astronomy

Watch with your own eyes some amazing celestial objects through the best window to see it, the Atacama Desert (Stars, Celestial Calendar, Constellations, Milky Way, Navigation).

telescope observation

Take a closer look to the big machinery in our solar system and the Milky Way using our refractor telescope (Stars, Open Clusters, Globular Clusters, Nebulaes and Planets)

Astro photography and night portrait

Lets take some pictures through the telescope of the objects you just saw and also of yourself with a starry background (Nebulae, Star Cluster and Milky Way).

  • Duration: 135 minutes including transfers.
  • Summer Schedule: 21:00 and 23:15.
  • Winter Schedule: 20:30.
  • Language: English or Spanish (never mixed).
  • Personalized: 10 people max.
  • Price: $20.000 chilean pesos per person.
  • Private Tour: $180.000 chilean pesos (10 people max.).

Services available for all our tours

hotel transfers

We are allways picking you up and drop you off at the entrance of your hotel.


We know that is really important to have pictures of the experience to share with friends and family.

ambient music

Music will be there for you to complement the experience in the best way.

hot beverage

You will be able to taste hot drinks to warm you up when you need it the most.

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