Universe Tours

Feel the Universe in San Pedro de Atacama

Astronomy Tour

Whatch the night sky as you have never seen before in a tour design for you. Get to know the history of the Universe and feel the adventure of life.

Astro Photography

Take your own pictures of deep sky objects using your reflex camera. The Milky Way, Nebulaes, Star Clusters and galaxies are waiting your click.

Life in the Universe

"Life": the greatest event that has ever happened. Lets find out more about what life is and the chances to find it in other places of the Universe.

“ from start to finish, it was a very professional and exceptional tour. The guide was such a wealth of knowledge"
“we cannot recommend this experience enough. Time Travel shares its passion to stars and Universe in a very inspirational way"

Enjoy the UNIVERSE

Turismo Peralta Wickel Limitada / rodrigo@timetravelatacama.cl / +56962462725 / San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

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