Time Travel

Tourism through Space and Time

...a unique experience in San Pedro de Atacama

Astronomy Tours

Shared / Private tour

The Big Bang Experience

Whatch the night sky as you have never seen before in a tour design for you. Get to know the history of the Universe and feel the adventure of life.

Private tour

Is there anybody out there?

The Universe is so big that maybe inteligence life in planet Earth is not the only one. Lets try to understand this and the probabilities to find others.

Photography Tours

Private tour

Time Travel

Lets go into this adventure to portrait your personality in the Universe. This professional photo session is a unique experience in San Pedro de Atacama.

Private tour


The Universe is full of beatiful celestial objetcs. Lets learn how to take pictures of this objects through different technics.

Pack Semi Private tours in San Pedro

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Day 1 - Full Day

Planet Earth formation

Monturaqui Crater
The history of our planet is all over around us. On this tour we are going to understand this proces through the visit to a real impact of a huge meteorite.

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Day 2 - Half Day

The begining
of life

Geysers del Tatio
One of the biggest mysteries of science is how life begins. This tour will show us some clues to see the big picture of this amazing fact.

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Day 2 - Half Day

Life diversity
and evolution

Chaxa lagoon + Toconao
This life adventure through space and time has a lot of amazing variables. Lets take a look on this by watching this diversity of life in Atacama desert.

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Day 3 - Half Day

History of the
human species

Aldea de Tulor + Coyo Ayllu
No doubt human species has mark a big point in life history. How it begins, how was their ancient lifes and the development of this species through a live view.

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Day 3 - Half Day

Climate change

Moon Valley + Death Valley
Human activities has released masive tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. How to reverse global warming on this tour through a walk inside nature.

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Day 4 - Half Day


The future
of Universe

Puritama Hotsprings
What has the future for us? lets talk about the exploration of our Universe and the probabilities to explore other universes and how can this be possible.

Enjoy the UNIVERSE

Turismo Peralta Wickel Limitada. 

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